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Серпневий вечір тихо догоря… -Людмила Вербовецька

An August evening slowly fades away,

The air is fresh and smooth, the fields are ripe,

Their beauty is immense, catches the eye,

The spikes of wheat just flow all day.

The quiet sadness sits on shoulders now,

The summer opened road to a new autumn,

And August goes away with tender smile

And calls for help of brightness multicoloured.

The apples reek so nice, the garden’s full

And flies are squinting eyes, so shy and sleepy.

I will preserve this August day in heart

And I will throw my hands to get me warmer!

How cute sunflowers are, they shine and shine,

They seem to be a hideout for the Sun’s eyes!

Painted by summer, tremble yellow leaves,

So gently they are touched by winds upcoming.

I want to let time linger for a while

With tenderness of sunrise in the morning,

The soul hurts but each one of us

Gives August hints of hopes rewarding.

Let summer blossom in our kind warm hearts,

Let weather be so sunny and so cloudless!

In tender dreams the soul is touched at once

By beauty of the August so relentless!

An August evening slowly fades away…


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