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Little Crazy

1. I’m trying to sleep

But I can’t

You’re going too deep

From the start.

The brightess of your shining soul

Is leading to what I don’t know.

And I don’t know how it wil be,

I’m going to set myself free

Let’s go!


It was little crazy,

It was little crazy,

It was little crazy tonight,

This night is amazing,

This moon is amazing,

The dark sky is filled with delight.

I’m going my way home

And all alone,

My heart seems to belong

To dream unknown.

2. And every time time this happens

I want to start new life,

It still remain the matters

It won’t begin tonight

And still the same I suffer,

And still the same soul cries,

But I recover after

This sweet and bitter rhymes.



Oh, you give me the hope

To be faboulous bird

Just like you!

My spirit, it burns,

Cause your miracle turns to be true

So I’m learning the magic from you!


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