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Sing in the Night

1. Fragrances of night

Makes you feel the beauty of the life,

Trembling of the wind

Touch your skin with soft and careful breath,

See how trees are dressed

In this quite inviting realm.

Feel the light of moon

Reaching you through blossom from above,

Brings you high enough

To the world of tender dreams so soon.


Look at the night skies –

These stars shine at you

Their pale light, it just tries

To show you what’s true,

Whats hidden in you.

You’ll your own power

That’s lying inside,

You’ll bloom like a flower,

Just sing in the night.

2. Throw away all fears,

Make them leave your hot and struggling soul,

Love is the main goal

And the only brightly shining way.

This is how you’ll be,

Like you’re flying far away from ground,

Sing of it aloud,

See of only music sets you free.



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