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Hope and Roses

1. Tender sky and waking roses

Walking through the town I see.

Passers by in street don’t know this,

And don’t know who’s dear to me.

Rays fragile are gift to sadness

They give hope to meet the one ,

One whose eyes and smile caused madness…

All my dreams and sighs are gone.


If he looks at winter roses

And somehow remember me,

I will feel that he does know this,

Know how heart wants love to be.

Whatever happens – I don’t know,

You left a footprint in my soul,

The winter roses will remind

That our hope is always blind.

2. Many years passed, many feelings

Came and went away from heart,

Much of passions, nearly killing,

But the spring again would start.

Tender roses miss the sunlight

After their deep sleep with snow,

And we need to get it all right,

But there’s such long way to go.



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